Feller’n Credo: If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.

Missing the holiday traffic while finding a free day in E’s schedule meant a Tuesday departure, discovered on Monday; but we were out the door about 8am. Whelp, two acres of lawn are always growing so we can’t get there soon enough… a front porch sunset thunderstorm with double-rainbow washed away the long drive.
The butter & cream Iris were my grandmother’s- their new bed is a few years old now and they have gone from rootbound & nearly played out to filling out the new expanded porch bed with 100 blooms.
The tree swallows were getting pushed by the wren in May, so they built a mud nest on top of their bird house to foil her; then they moved back into the house.
The lilac bushes are 12 feet tall and 100 feet away, for scale.
If you wonder how long it takes to mow the lawn, then we need to discuss the concept of time.
The lawn all headed out and so I go with the mulching option so the lawn can reseed itself (my free mower from a few years back has a mulching blade!).
The big iris bed was in the last pic, just way down there… needs weeding, as always: but in full bloom! Back in SLC the Iris are long done and I even split a few overgrown spots to give away and in trade for other fancy Iris (Orange!).
The flowers have filled back after the ice-house redo of fall 2020.
While Feller’n the yard, E rounds the house asking, “Is this somebody’s foot?”. We determine it is not a “lucky rabbit” foot, but may be a “lucky” rabbit-foot.
3 mice (2 pictured) overnight on our arrival, and none since.
Feller project: put an exhaust fan in the upstairs window. Specialty widgets ordered in SLC and brought up: a> small window fan. b> storm window arms. This’ll be a cinch (many hours later…)
See how the arm ends in a little wooden nub on the storm window. That really didn’t want to happen, and couldn’t happen without that; but we got there.
The little fan blows air out, aiding the natural convection of the house.
Above the door to the upstairs is now a rectangular air channel. This way the door can remain shut and the hot air at the ceiling will draw right out while drawing in fresh air from all the 7 openable downstairs windows/doors to one of 4 openable upstairs windows. The only openable window was the kitchen screen door prior to Feller’n, so we may have reached maximum Feller’n in air circulation.
Here is it again, with a metal screen on this side.
This foam/foil cap fills the air channel in winter, inserted from downstairs (opposite the screen).
The poppies are just beginning to bloom!
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  1. Mom said:

    Hi guys….
    I had checked you folks during the last couple days to see if anything had been posted. Then realized no doubt you were organizing to get to the ranch. Ah, what a fantastic retreat!!! The green…….ahhhh…..and the iris are so gorgeous. It’s about time for a “Forest Gump” approach to taking care of the ever-growing lawn. Brilliant Feller to figure out how to get the fresh air into the house, including the upstairs. Wonderful………smells of fresh-cut grass and spring….even tho the equinox says summer. Enjoy! I know you will. I’ll be looking forward to learning what new projects you’ll be tackling. You are giving an on-going Father’s Day gift to your Dad’s memory and heritage…………and Gerhart ancestors are treating you to an understanding of how they lived their lives. Blessings to you two……..and to all the Gerharts who are watching you and pleased with the loving care you are giving their home.

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