A week and a day into the DangerFeller house wrestling match. Still no winner.

Nora lets us know the storm will arrive after dark, when everyone’s down for the night. She gets us up so we can appreciate her storm forecasting- and get her a pill.
The cats have taken to leaving mice up off the floor. Here is a spent little plaything on a chair.
Here’s a little Eeker on a coffee table.
Played out. Xander ate the arm off another played out playmate, and he was left on the floor. Only the display worthy kills are elevated.
The bathroom window will eat an entire day. I have cut away rot till I reach good wood. This same leak was causing problems a few posts back, with the sill plate fix and the new 2×4’s behind the tub. The window sill was bad enough that I removed it.
A start to the fixes- a few boards fit to fill the gaps, and some poly glue to seal things up.
This is the old and new window sill plate. The new plate is from the same run of treated lumber that I sistered the lower sill plate with, and there wasn’t enough left to make the part- unless I glued in a part. An 8pm fix for clamping overnight and installation the next day.
1950 was a big summer for the house. My dad had told me they got electricity in 1950, and I’d always thought he meant in the 1950’s- but this is the second place in the house I’ve found a “fix” of summer of 1950 newspaper stuffed in a wall. In this instance, it was under the window sill.
With the drop ceiling removed I insulated up against the upstairs floorboards.
The bays get “bumped out” to fit deeper insulation. Some with 2×2 (actual of 1.5×1.5) and some with runs of 1.5″ insulation.
The moonrise was huge, and of course, looks tiny in a picture. No one can explain how that one works, which is a nice mystery.
R16 rockwool is laid up.
Into the afternoon and evening the cement board surround goes up.
Things are getting tidy-er.
Since the window frame needed so much help, and I had to pull the lower window, I took the opportunity to free the seized upper window. When I make a screen for the whole bay we’ll be able to open both windows, which creates its own convection to air the room. Keen!

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