Corral Drought Relief

Fall roundup for meds and sorting.
The neighbors move a portion of their herd up the road after we’re all corral’d up.
The day runs in reverse.
3 cowgirls on herd and a daddy-daughter up in the lead.
Tile is grouted and curing for a few days before sealing.
Next comes the window seal / trim, and final bit of tiling.
Meanwhile, concrete. The corner ate nearly all my bags. Another day of set before I pull the forms, and I’ll do the curve at far R and maybe a bit in front of the kitchen door.
Leveling it up with a scrim board.
The corral water trough hasn’t held water since spring. Time for a fix.
Dried out and rusted out.
Dave and I disconnect the drainage.
Bobcat slides the old trough out of position.
Time to level and build up a footing for the new tank.
The new tank is much bigger (800 gallon), rectangular, and made of heavy fiberglass. No more rusting out.
More dirt to level out both sides of the steep corral.
Slid into place, but will need posts driven around it and cross-beams added.
The water line is extended to reach the middle, next Dave puts in the drain. Then the water line is opened from its valve under the house (I surprised the packrat- she is huge! and reset her trap and blocked off her latest access), and water blasts in from the springbox far up the hill. The same water source as the sprinklers for the yard. The fiberglass tank was a chilly footbath when the springbox was empty, it will be full by morning. Dave will return to finish this out, and then head over the hill to install a much bigger (1200 gallon) fiberglasss round tank, replacing a steel tank he placed last year that the cattle promptly destroyed. The critters are putting pressure on all sources of water…

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