Patron Art

Yesterday’s seamwork is ready to affix. 45 degrees in the shop with hail and gropple and rain, with the garage door open for ventilation- after 3 hours I’m freezing up and need to make a run for more epoxy glue, then back for another 3 hours in the much nicer 53 degree afternoon.
I pull from this stack of prior seams as well, as I like the wavy tapered edges. If I did another round of seams, I think I’d have them perfected… not … gunna .. doit. Or so I say now.
80 percent seamed, all but the bottom most portion. The red at L is the reflection of the redwood deck, it shows up in all the images- and indicates how reflective the Orb is.
Crabapple blooms.
Orb is entirely skinned in ocean; new oceania was created yesterday and firmed up overnight.
South pole with pole.
Another 8 hours of art time are absorbed into the Orb…
I added two transparent “windows” today as well, cutting the fiberglass ball and skinning with clear & color panel created yesterday.
Layered edges with the new window panel overlayed giving a sense of depth.
The edges around the door are cleaned up, and skin-thin at top to allow paper to be slid inside.
Center is a clear-edged seam cover from a trove created yesterday. All too wide, and most are not color-correct; so a do-over tomorrow, then wait til Saturday before they are ready.
Kwanzan Cherry is just starting, and will be slowed by a 3 day rain/snow storm.
The flat ocean plates are rounded, fitted, and affixed.
So many triangles, and one circle.
The next trick is seaming all the gaps as on the R side vs the unseamed L.
So many gaps. Is seems that I’ll seam similarly tomorrow as I did today and yesterday. (the pins aren’t doing anything- it was a failed try…one of legions)
I also need to make more ocean.
Orb has disallowed a week’s worth of ideas so far, but we seem to have reached a turning point.
Each triangle is a unique objet d’arte.

Orb is sphere; Orbisphere.
Base is wire-wheeled, wiped clean with acetone, and spray-painted.
Orbisphere spindle. The new variety of resin should arrive tomorrow…then artin’ can start.
Apres-snow tulips in cold sunlight (with Weeohknee).
The xeriscape is ready for Easter Sunday.
Sleeve pipe is affixed to the top 1/2 of the globe. I connected the halves into the whole globe with fiberglass, but had to pull it apart as it was heading toward a fail- the halves are now curing out before I try again tomorrow.
Magic magnet door is in place. Missives can be slipped into the gap.
Door open.
The door can be shut from further missives by the little circle held in place by, you guessed it, a magnet.
Meanwhile, Spring!
Chilly spring day with snow on the way…

I have an experimental project that needs to be completed/delivered by May 3 for an event. The project has a small budget, that may just cover media costs; but it is a mad science of media use in a manner not intended for the media (casting resin), so my kind of fun. The ask is …

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View from the sidewalk on Wilmington.

Installation day started off raining and chilly, just how the fish like it. With two handy fellows helping (Jed, who helped install the last group, and Mike) things got started at 8am and finished by 3pm with time off for lunch at one of the restaurants on the plaza. A solid day of digging and lifting heavy things, but all are in the ground and everyone is happy.


Swimming alongside the concrete current.


Follow their lead to the next fish.


Enter the plaza and these singles stairstep up the planter beds.


Lower single swimmer.


Upper single swimmer.


The pair take a bead on you as you leave the plaza.


The swim around the base of a tall tower.


The fish like their new digs.


Out on the big plaza, bridging the Hidden Hollow trail on Parley’s Creek.


Parley’s Creek is just past the sunny bit of lawn at the top of the image.


They swim just within the boundary of the plaza.


Heading toward the curved public bench.


Linking the curvy landscaping to the riparian trail.


The blue concrete connects the pair to the singles under the tower.


The plaza is so big, the fish become invisible from the far end; good thing there are fish at this end too.


The tarantula wanted black banding, and chose matching green shoes and pack.

This tarantula will go to the Mother Goose playground. This is the second patina, after using the first for practice and experimenting. The black and green is much snappier, and I burned off some micro wire-wheels getting enough metal exposed for the black to react over the green. When I replace the micro-heads I will probably re-work the practice spider to match this one.


I almost polished out the shoes, but then decided it would look silly.




Harness with buckles and polished fangs are all details that will likely never be seen, as the spider will be mounted up on a wall.


little know factoid: Shelob’s offspring were tamed by the Hobbits and trained with climbing saddles as Sam led a group of Hobbits to relocate at the cliffs of Mordor after the fall of Sauron.