Xander & Voices chase me around ’til I sit by the fire. Cold Paws need laps.
I pull the temporary / overnight panels and our sub-zero night had frosted the wall and the cut nails.
The blue air mattress is behind the fitted AL sandwich foam- one more bay til sprayfoam-seal of the edges.
I head upstairs and do the same treatment for the top of the old waterfall, and put a bit of panel up against the roof as well to maybe mitigate the ice-dam.
About 20 below zero last night, and the kitchen’s cold water froze in the dead space between the floor and the cabinet bottom. I used our little vibrating massage ball on the line to free it up. The house only warns you once, so it was time to fill the swear jar.
Beaverboard over plaster & lathe.
Uninsulated bay drops down below the floor to the rim joist of the house.
AL sandwich foam over blue-air mesh.
Sprayfoam over the blowing blue edges. Rockwool fills the side bays, as the space is too restrictive for the full treatment.
Then rockwool over the center bay, and I insert an AL panel behind the waterlines. Some day I’ll cap it in green board (water-tolerant drywall).
The faucet gets an AL foam safety guard against tonight’s -28, nearly -50 with windchill. It was a sunny 2 this afternoon.