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The remodel on the bathroom was all about replacing fixtures, opening/refinishig the window, removing the old linoleum and finishing the wood floor, painting, then hanging artwork. Since then a Feller thought has been haranguing Danger.
Padded blanket in the tub, towel racks / artwork / curtains removed, plastic over the sink and toilet, and impact paper on the floor. Uh oh.
This does a lot, but also nothing- as the everything goes everywhere.
Terrestrial space suit for super team-up of DangerFeller.
Dividing the walls that will stay from the walls that will go.
No insulation here. Most had about 3 feet full from the bottom, then a tangle at the corner/ceiling. And I’m using the term insulation, but I mean fiberglassed mouse poo and seed caches.
Paperboard sandwich lathe material (entire room) with swan border, and black adhesive backing for plastic tile board that was overlaid.
The ambience of critter is overwhelming.
Three 50 gallon contractor garbage bags of just fiberglassed poo.
It looks tidy, but the smell is relentless.
See the sparkles below the window- all the bays from the window down are filled with Vermiculite, mined in Libby Montana in this era, along with asbestos. So hazmat suit is pulling double duty, at least.
If you look up, DangerFeller pulled the ceiling as well. Then wire-wheeled it “clean”.
One morning it was misty- pea soup then lifting like this, then rolling back in again.
Triple digits in SLC are a long way away.
The lumber order for the 1920’s edition in under the name Genevieve Gerhart.
The order is being sent to Monarch, Montana.
Kinda precise gridding for some aspect of framing…?
Our hottest day of 80 degrees spawned some massive cumulonimbus storms and wiped out all the flowers with a long intense pulse of hail.
I like the sideways hail vaulting from the roofs to form a crucible along the path.
The creek flowed for the first time this year, but just to about here.
Things have cooled off considerably.
Big marble stingers.
The sudden cold generated mists.
DangerFeller has found a trouble spot.
The window had a leak (fixed 10 years ago) that dropped down to the sill plate.
Standing in the tub looking down from the window to the old cinder block- after the rotten section is removed.
DangerFeller awoke at 4am grappling with the inevitability of this little jerb within the larger jerb.
A bit out of focus down there, but note the new treated board nicely married with the unrotten original board.
Here is the other end, looking down 18 or 20 inches. Next I’ll lay in a treated 2X4 on top and lock both the old and the new to the topping board with screws.
Next I add support legs to the old framing, and add the center board, which is on center-16 for drywall. (Oh, and also all the “breathing media” in blue). It replaces a board that had been cut into to hold a recessed soap tray: while forming the space for the tray the carpenter had dropped his chisel into the vermiculite (which is like loose foam), and the board was subsequently shattered from his nice bottom cut all the way to the top. His board was scribed to nearly match the angle of the window- I’m going another route…
Old houses need to breath. This old gal has lots of water staining in various places tracking along ceiling supports, down the walls, and of course the worst is under the window.
The first three bays from the door has my old 10 mil remains, and the nearest bay has the new6 mil: about half as thick, so more room for insulation.
AL foam panel goes up next to form an air/vapor barrier, creating seamless envelope.
The open spot below the window is so DangerFeller can fix the window’s remaining problem area from its long ago leaking.
The last step for the panel is spray foaming all the edges, which happened way to late in the day for pictures. Demo of walls was Monday, ceiling demo was Tues, cleaning and prepping was Wed, and today was blue breathing and foam/Al vapor barrier for the walls.