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Modular repetition, 3/D Form in relation to 2/D Shape, minimal structure, decontextualized, bare media; rebar reinforcement for concrete footings for the Trout. When doing structural work like this back in academia professors would lead their students by and talk about how my work had shifted strongly to conceptual concerns.


Bend twenty seven 36″ runs of rebar into 9.5″ circles, then weld the ends of the circles together. Add three runs of 36″ rebar with the circles welded at 0 / 12 / 24 inches (like a bar stool). It was such a warm & humid afternoon that the welder kept cycling to cool down.


This thankless little chore will all go in the ground, sleeved around the stainless steel poles upholding the trout, and immersed in concrete. Earlier in the summer I made the steel gate for the ranch rather than these, and now that I’m back I just wanted it off my plate.