Orbing Begins

I have an experimental project that needs to be completed/delivered by May 3 for an event. The project has a small budget, that may just cover media costs; but it is a mad science of media use in a manner not intended for the media (casting resin), so my kind of fun. The ask is a time capsule for an event for Utah Clean Energy that will be a fixture in the lobby until the capsule is reopened in 2050.

First a universe for the orb: welded steel base and support arm at 23.5 degrees of inclination (same as Earth). This was day one of the commission- metal yard, grind, weld, done.
Closer view. 12″ base disk with 10″ disk, run of heavy 4″ pipe topped with 4″ disk, tower of 7 steel finials sleeved over square tubing, mounting apparatus of plate steel & tubing with internally welded nuts & all-thread. The all-thread will allow metal tubing to spin, internal to the globe- eventually.
Foam core 1/2 sphere and hollow fiberglass form pulled from the foam.
Two halves will eventually make a whole- after the hidden door is made (started today), and the metal tubing is added to sleeve over the all-thread for basing.
The orb will hold written paper missives for the future, and be sealed til 2050, then reopened. It is a time-capsule. The circle will be a hidden access hatch.
This will be the fiberglass door that hides the round access hatch, with 3 embedded small magnets to hold it in place, and a steel washer for a larger hand-held magnet to act as a key. The fiberglass inner sphere with door on the base is guaranteed for the May 3rd event, but the art aspect of a magic skin for the orb is the question mark.
The fiberglass form will disappear under layers of eventually colorful semi-trasparent “skins”, layering up as metaphors for landscape, ocean, ice, etc. First clear-cast resin from the inside of a balloon has to happen. Can it happen?
This requires a feat of magic- blowing up a balloon, then pouring in resin and sealing the balloon; then managing to form the resin to the balloon’s inside. After 3 variations of resin / catalyst / thickening agents that all were mostly fails, with each attempt taking 5 to 7 hours of rolling the balloon as the resin refused to kick… it turns out I may need a different (twice as pricey) resin variety. So that is ordered in.
A balloon with partial resin impression doesn’t pop when pierced, in case you were wondering…it just gently deflates.
Ice-cap? Reject more likely, but also a proof of concept- proving more concepting required.

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