Aeronerd Update:

Average improvement for two trips with the new front foil: 8 percent gain. That is huge in the aero-mod world. Handling effects are also noticeable with in-line front end stability making the drive less tiresome; attached airflow over hood and windshield evident in rainstorms as rain scoots over hood and windshield reducing need for wipers and aiding wiper effectiveness at speed; quieter cabin; headwind and crosswind pushing effects are even less noticeable; engine runs cooler (which may have been a bigger help than I realize in the 107 degree with strong headwind return trip, as she could only pull at 70mph without pushing toward overheating). All the mods combined have dropped gas used from 42 gallons (and up to 50 with variance of headwind for 3 to 3.5 tanks of 16 to 17 gallons), down to 30 gallons ( 2 tanks of 15 to 16 gallons). The math says we have 40% improvement at the low/average end.
The high end gain of worst to new average is 66%, and those worst are from headwind without the mods, and the mods seem to mitigate them.
We could tweak that with adding All Terrain tires that I run at 30psi that coincided with my aeromods, over un-modded with All Seasons that I ran at 32-34psi, which the industry estimates an mpg loss of 3% with matching psi- so maybe 4% mpg loss for the A/T tires. So the actual gain could be adjusted up to 44% at the low end, and here is where I question reality…(66% + 4%) 70% gain in strong headwinds.
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  1. mom said:

    Welcome to hot SLC!!! Interesting comments on aerodynamics/gas mileage/tires, etc. The evening sky at the ranch is almost as gorgeous as Webb telescope’s Space pictures. In the depth of his quiet soul, your dad drank in that beauty….while learning responsibility and being a loving steward of the animals entrusted to him. I am so pleased that you are embracing the legacy he left for you……….. The interior shots are so comfy………leather furniture, a white recliner, new lamps, drapes. And the cats thanking you with mouse gifts …. treasures to show they’re earning their keep in the Montana environment they love….proving their worth so that you’ll be sure to bring them back with you on your next visit.

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